Our Approach

Training Instruction, Style and Delivery

In choosing a training course you will need to evaluate;
  1. What you want to get from you attendance?
  2. What level it’s pitched at?
  3. Its relevance to you?
What You Get We assure you of objective, constructive guidance and advice when deciding if the course selected by you is suitable in terms of satisfying your development needs. Quinn Training is keen to ensure you derive maximum value from your attendance/investment and unlike some others in the business we are not driven by a desire to ‘get bums on seats’. We will want to know who you are. What you do/ how you do it and what your learning expectations are so that before the course commences we know that we have a cohesive group with similar knowledge requirements. This creates a more dynamic and enjoyable learning environment. Training Style/Course Content/Materials We would like you to know that in Quinn Training there are no academics or theorists we are practical business people like yourself. We do not sell ‘off- the- shelf training packages’. All our support materials e.g. handouts, case studies etc are original and produced exclusively for our course participants. We engage with individuals at their level, keen to ensure that outlined concepts and techniques are delivered in a concise, practical and realistic manner. There are no complex tests/exercises to be undertaken it is our aim to ensure participants are made feel relaxed and have freedom to challenge the instructor and seek clarity whenever they feel it is appropriate. Personal Attention From Industry Experts One of the major advantages of doing business with Quinn Training is knowing that few can match our depth of knowledge with regard to Irish business activity. We have over 25 years involvement with a broad range of organisations/individuals and who operate across all market sectors. Either way by limiting numbers to a maximum of 10 participants on our scheduled courses Instructors will have absorbed sufficient information on the business background of participants to ensure outlined examples are constructed with specific relevance to their industry.
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